May 12

7th Grade Reflection

When I stated in August, I though that 7th grade  was going to be easy, but I was horribly wrong.

By the first week I already had the feel that it was very different. Homework loads were different and I was staying up later. Teachers expectations grew larger, now being able to say that we were in 7th grade and needed to behave ourselves.

By october it had only gone up hill with the homework (science, spanish, math) that the tedious hours of doing this just seemed to grow with every day. I felt like I had a stack of homework touching the ceiling like in a cartoon. every day a sheet was of homework was added to the stack, making its weight grow.

But now by the end of the year I have been able to find my small shortcuts that can make a difference to the time. Too bad now’s the time of year that the 101 projects/tests start to make there way into our school lives. every class will soon have its big test or project to make sure you cant breath easy yet.

All and all my 7th grade year has been tough with loads of homework. This school year has been hard on me, and I’m glad its about to be over.


This year I learned:

How to conjugate a verb in spanish.

Many new skills in math.

How a lot of body skills work in science.

Learned that its all up hill from here in school.




May 3

My fishing trip

Yesterday (aka Friday May 2) I missed school because my dad wanted to take me deep sea fishing and also to spend time with me and my brother Luke. After the not so nice 3 1/2 hour drive to Rockport, the trip to me seemed like no fun at all, I’m glad I was wrong. Our caption of are somewhat small boat was named Charlie, a nice, very old man. The fishing trip stated out a bust, being the only one who had caught a fish was my brother. But when the third hole came a fish had finally stuck my pole. After that, it felt like the fish would not leave me alone. Again the end of it all I had the catches of fish, but sadly my dad reeled in the biggest one. I’m so glad my dad took me on this trip, it seemed boring but hay never judge a book by its cover.

April 30


Look at the field.

It’s covered in snow.

See all my tracks.

The flakes on my nose.

Icy cold.

I don’t care.

Let me dig.

One more hole.

Then i promise i’ll go back home.

This is a poem about Scotties from the book, Good Dog, poems by Maya Gottfried. I like this poem because of its short sentences. Also how it does not describe much, but i can see a clear picture in my head. this is why i love this poem

April 7

Challenge week 6

My blanket, it helped me feel comforted when I felt sad, lonely, or just uneasy about my day to day life as a young child.

I needed my blanket every night to sleep, no if, ands, or buts about it. For a long car I would take it with me just in case I was cold or wanted to doze off. My blanket was a friend to me in my mind, always making me feel happy. Even today when I look at it warm memory’s fill my mind.

My blanket made me feel protected and happy through my early life it still makes me feel good just standing near it. My blanket is the one of the most special memory’s I have.

March 27

My favorite quote

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

I think that this quote means that even though knowledge is a powerful, imagination is what created and will create knowledge.

I like Albert Einstein because of his ability to imagine things, but is also to but those thing to science and logic.

March 24

My Favorite Place, My House

My house, my all in one package. here I can eat the foods that I love, sleep in the bed I feel most conferrable in, and I can have fun in many ways.

My house is where I can eat all breakfast, lunch, and dinners that I love so much. I can have pancakes with syrup in the morning and maybe Mexican food at night. but I not just that I can eat all my favorite food in one place is also that I can eat in the comfort of my home.

My home is where I can play in nice sun and shade of the outdoors, and also enjoy the rainy or cold days indoors. At my home I can play with my brother and sister and not bicker with them about where we should go to eat.

My house has all the things I love wether it be my favorite foods or fun games. My house is and always will be my favorite place to be.

March 3

My sick kitty

Me cat, storm was sick this pass week. I felt the urge the help her. She had two colds that cats can get, I had to give her a medicine. I rappedher up in a towel and got the first medicine out, this one had to be fed from a dropper. After that I had to give her a gel, I had to smear it on the roof of her mouth. I had to do this for one week, but it was all worth it because now my cat is all better.

February 8

Why it’s important for you to walk your dog.

Your dog is just siting there waiting for you to do something with it, but you don’t seem to mind. But you should go walk it because walking your dog is important.

First of all its a good source of exercise not just for the dog, but for you too. Just walking your dog for ten minutes lets it stay fitter than sitting in the house.

Another reason is for it to know things that are happening in the neighborhood. Your dog needs to go around and smell the things and meet new dogs.

This is why walking your dog is so important.

February 2

my favorite food

My favorite thing to eat in the whole world is Ciabatta bread.

It’s not the plain bread, because my Mom makes it in a special way that I love. Sometimes I slice the bread with a serrated knife–carefully. I make sure to pull my fingers under my palm so I don’t slice them off. Then I put butter on it, real butter is the only thing, I complain to my mom if she puts margarine.

Then come the best part–the spices. I don’t know what they are called, but they are a combination of red flakes and salt and they must cover the bread, a little is not enough. Then my Mom broils it until it is toasted, but not burned.

This is why it’s my favorite food.

January 25

Snow day

I wake up to the nice feeling of no school. I walk a few feet to glance out my rooms only window. I see the green grass white on the tip with ice, my mom and dads cars have ice sickles under them, and small sheets of ice on the drive way. I was happy to get out of school because there was .3% snow on the ground. I felt so lucky being able to play in snow this year, I felt even lucky when I remembered that I could get extra time to study for my science test.